Moving Sheep

Daisy working sheep

Daisy working sheep

This evening, just as the sun was setting we decided to move the sheep. For the past week they have been eating the grass in what will eventually be our goat enclosure.  The grass is now very short and we thought it would be best to move them back into the main south field. The goat enclosure is also currently where my dog jumps are and I might want to use them again one day soon when I am feeling better.

James and sheep

James with sheep

As you can see from the above photo we used Daisy to move the sheep – she was very very keen to do this job – it is the BEST job in the world. She was keen to get going.



However, the sheep are pretty stubborn and neither I nor Daisy have much experience at all so we also needed the help of the bucket of power

bucket of power

bucket of power

This helped a lot!

Sheep in new field

Sheep in new field

3 responses to “Moving Sheep

    • Bucket power is crucial to a lot of what we do here. It works with the sheep, pigs, hens, alpacas and dogs, but not so much with the cats. Curiously they seem to be immune to its lure.

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