liver salad

liver salad

I never used to like liver. My mum would make liver for herself and my sister and my Dad and I would have kidneys. However, I have started to enjoy it recently. I talk here about our nose to tail principle with regard to the animals that we raise.

On Monday I had to go to the hospital in London. I very recently had an operation and had to go back to have the wounds checked at the outpatient’s clinic. It was a long, rather painful day. The one good point was that I arrived a little early and could stop at St John’s for a little bit of lunch. I had roast ox liver salad with green beans and leaves – it was delicious. I reckon my body could do with some liver to help it heal at the moment so yesterday I defrosted the liver and heart from the lamb we killed in the autumn. I roasted them both in a hot oven for 10 minutes, turned the heat down for another 15, took them out and let them rest. I made a salad with watercress, pickled walnuts, capers and a mustard vinaigrette. I then thinly sliced some of the liver and the heart and added it to the salad. it was delicious. It was so delicious I am going to have it for dinner as well. Of course the doggies had a little bit as well and they agreed – it was lovely.

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    • Maybe in a country-style terrine with sweet pickled cucumber? I reckon after the cheese and brain fritters, and brawn in December we might have something less nose to tail!

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