Lamb Stew

lamb stew2When Jeff and Kerry came at Easter we roasted a shoulder of lamb from last year’s sheep. It was meant to be marinated for hours and then slow roasted for another 3-4 hours. I forgot this bit of the recipe so in the early evening I quickly rubbed it with baharat and oil and popped it in the oven. I later added a bit of water and wine and some small anya potatoes to the pan. We managed to pass the time waiting for it to cook by having a glass of wine and chatting – such hardship. In the end it cooked for around 2 and a bit hours and it was delicious. We ate it with home-made flatbread, lettuce and a lovely yoghurt, herb, spring onion and cucumber dip that Kerry made.

lamb stewThere were some leftovers so I decided to make a Lamb Stew. Ingredients: leftover lamb, carrot, leeks, swiss chard (yes we are still eating lots of leeks and swiss chard), cannellini  beans; chicken stock, rosemary, tomatoes (from freezer), pearl barley, tomato puree. I gently fried the vegetables in some olive oil, then added the tomato puree and let it caramelise a little. I then added the stock, rosemary, barley and tomatoes and let it cook for a while before adding the lamb and beans. Cooked a little more until the barley was done and served with yoghurt and rubbed chilli flakes. It was so nice I had it for lunch and dinner!

Future lamb stew!

Future lamb stew!

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