Devilled Kidneys

devilled kidneys2I have been having a few days away to finish writing a book that I have been working on intermittently for years – actually more than a decade. It is based on research that I did for my PhD thesis, but  other books and articles have got in the way of me finally producing a monograph from it. I am getting closer to that now.

So I have been sitting here watching the sea, writing, and walking my dogs along our own deserted beach. I will write more about this later – now I have another chapter to complete.

Sunday morningAnyway, as the cottage is so remote, and also as I don’t actually want to see anyone else, I brought my own food with me. It took me quite a while to carry it along the steep forest path that winds down the cliff face as I still can’t carry much at any one time. It was worth it though as last night I made devilled kidneys with the kidneys from last year’s lamb. I didn’t have all the usual ingredients so had to improvise with what I had:

Devilled kidneys – ingredients: two or three kidneys; mushrooms; one small onion; splash of wine; butter; flour; harissa (not an obvious choice but it was the only spiceness that I had – I would have used worcester sauce and maybe some chilli, if I had had the ingredients); chives (they were growing outside the cottage in a pot); balsamic vinegar (kindly left in the cottage). Saute the onion and mushrooms in butter. Remove the white bits from the kidneys, cut into three and then add to the pan and fry. Mix a little flour with some butter. Add a splash of wine or so then stir in a little of the butter-flour mix to thicken. Add a spoonful of harissa and some balsamic vinegar. Serve on a slice of bread with chives (or parsley) sprinkled on top. I had it with asparagus, which was not from my garden, but from the shop – it is asparagus season though.

Tiny cottage

Tiny cottage


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