Easter Weekend

setting off to Shingle StreeOver Easter lots of friends came to stay. We had adventures, ate delicious food and talked a lot. In no apparent order: we fed alpacas

Jude feeding Juniper

Jude feeding Juniper

Holly and alpacas3

Holly running with alpacas










We walked  and played with dogs

Holly walking dogs

Holly walking dogs

Jeff and dogs

Jeff and dogs

Jude and Dogs2

Jude playing with dogs


















We climbed trees and went to the park

kids at park

kids at park

Holly climbing Tree

Holly climbing Tree













The Crown

The Crown








Pork Tasting platter  from their own pigs

Pork Tasting platter from their own pigs

We went to the wonderful Crown at Snape and the Mistley Thorn at Mistley and feasted like kings – (we also went to our local pub, the Sorrel Horse). We went to Shingle Street, Bawdsey and walked along the River Deben.

Beautifully weeded bed

Beautifully weeded bed

More dug over and  manured beds

More dug over and manured beds

And my wonderful friends not only chopped wood, and helped build bee hives, but also dug over my horribly weedy garden which had gotten completely out of control because I haven’t been able to lift or pull anything for 6 weeks. They made it look beautiful and  I can now start to plant my vegetables – thank you all so much.








N.B. For the record this is what we had to eat in the evenings:

Little pork polpette with spaghetti and chicken stock broth

Roast lamb with salad and home made flat bread

Pan-fried halloumi; leek risotto and psb – lemon polenta cake

Terrine and mixed salad with goat’s cheese; swiss chard lasagne – cherry clafoutis

Little bits and pieces including yaprak dolma, terrine, fried halloumi, mixed salad, Kerry’s famous cannellini bean dip, home made flat bread




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