Vegetable Resolutions

greenhouseIt is past mid-May and I need to do something with my vegetable garden otherwise there will be nothing to eat later in the year. Over Easter my wonderful friends kindly cleared some of my horribly overgrown beds (and one of the greenhouses – thank you!) and I need to get something in them before the weeds take over again. I am also feeling a little stronger and reckon I could do some gardening without doing myself too much of a mischief. This past weekend although I had resolved to weed the area behind the house and to sow carrots etc, instead I ended up focusing on one of the greenhouses. I cleaned off 4 years’ worth of green grime and slime from the outside – you can now see the plants inside and they can see out. I planted some cucumbers and assorted tomatoes that I had grown from leftover seed – this is the year I use up all my old seed.

cucmber and tomato plants

cucumber and tomato plants

I then planted out my broadbeans as they were getting far too long and spindly in the greenhouse. The mangtout plants were starting to shrivel up as well so I bunged those in the ground together with some celery that Juliet had given me.

Broadbeans in the ground cleared by my friends

Broadbeans in the ground cleared by my friends

mangetout and celery

mangetout and celery

If I look at the veg plot in its entirety it makes me want to cry as it seems an impossible task, but I am resolved to try and do a little bit each day at the weekend and see how far I get. If I can weed a tiny area, plant a few plants/seeds then gradually I may get round to most of it, if not all. I may have to ignore the scary bit under plastic by the side of the house and abandon some of the raspberry plants to the naughty ducks for this year, but so be it. More updates next week.greenhouse1













Plants waiting to be planted - maybe next week...

Plants waiting to be planted – maybe next week…

For some reason the entrance to this greenhouse is blocked by the branches of our old cooking apple tree and a new pear tree – I don’t mind, I think it looks beautiful even though it can be awkward getting in and out!

N.B. Yes, I know – what happened with the alpaca shearing? Unfortunately I have last minute marking and other pressing deadlines so no time to sort out the photos, but hopefully I will get to it tonight + as of this morning seriously exciting news on the turkey front …..

3 responses to “Vegetable Resolutions

  1. Isn’t great to have friends like those? I, too, had help clearing all the weeds from my kitchen garden and raised beds this weekend. My greenhouse could use a little clean, still.

    • It certainly is! My other greenhouse still has old tomato plants in from last year and a lovely selection of weeds – possibly a task for the long weekend or the weekend after it.

  2. Had to google ‘mangetout’. Don’t know the word. Now I do. Just love learning new things!

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