Queen Bee

frameLast Sunday we did our first bee inspection after transferring the frames to the hive. Unfortunately we don’t have many pictures as for some unknown reason the camera seemed to be set on a washed out/grey setting. I was in charge of inspecting the frames and James was providing smoke and taking photos.  This is what what we saw: the bees had built out two of the new frames a little and on one of the new frames there was brood and some honey! The six old frames all had brood in various stages (including sealed) and honey. We also saw two empty queen cells – will check these later today and provide an update.

But most importantly we saw the queen – she didn’t get squashed and even more amazingly we got a photo of her – she has a blue dot on her and the arrow is pointing at her.


Queen Bee

What is interesting is we saw another bee with blue on it – bigger than the queen – maybe a drone – we don’t know. You can see it just to the right of the Queen. I can put one arrow on a photo, but apparently I can’t put two on! Hopefully James will get some good photos later today when we do our next inspection.

N.B. they had eaten about one fifth of the fondant.

Me checking the hive

Me checking the hive

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