Gifts from Friends

finished saladMy lovely friend Juliet came over on Sunday and after we had done some work with our dogs she set to work transforming my second greenhouse which was full up with weeds, dead tomato plants, hens, and duck nests into something beautiful. She pulled everything out, put in lovely rotten horse manure, dug it over and then we planted some of my tomato, aubergine and pepper plants. I should have taken a before shot so you could see the full affect of the transformation, but I think it looks great now – thankyou so much Juliet.

Transformed Greenhouse

Transformed Greenhouse

I did have a couple of tomatillo plants  (they make great salsa and are hard to find in the shops over here) to put in there. I find these tricky to grow from seed, but had managed to get a couple to grow. Unfortunately I stupidly left the plants on the ground outside the greenhouse while I pommed off to do something else and the naughty hens made a bee-line for them. They ignored most of the tomato plants, of which I had many, and decided instead to eat the tomatillo. Juliet carefully planted what was left and maybe they will recover – as of Monday they were still holding in there.

For dinner we feasted on delicious produce from our friends as well. It made a welcome change from swiss chard, but I still snuck some in there as well. I made borek (see here for recipe) and a broadbean and chorizo salad.



Pat kindly gave me some of her broadbeans from her allotment and Bob and Margo gave me a lovely lettuce from their garden (how lucky am I?). For the broadbean and chorizo salad you need some broad beans, cooking chorizo, dill, lettuce, red wine vinegar and olive oil. I boiled the broadbeans and then took the outer skins from the bigger ones, the small ones I left. I then fried the chorizo and when done added in the broadbeans. beans in panDeglazed the pan with some red wine vinegar (you could use balsamic), added in the chopped up dill and served on lettuce. It was lovely. Now I am eagerly waiting for my broadbeans to grow. I should plant them in the autumn like Pat, but I am not that together.

N.B. It was nice to have these lovely things happen in my day as there was also some not so good things as well. I am waiting to see how things develop on this front before posting about it as currently the title of the post is looking like sad turkey news and I am hoping to get a happy in there again as well. More later …….

3 responses to “Gifts from Friends

  1. The ending of this post feels a bit like the end of a Harry Potter book/movie or one of the X-Men movies where the writers have you on the edge of your seat thinking the movie will go on at this point but ends suddenly. I nervously await the next turkey post…

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