Surprise potatoes

The new improved veg patch

The new improved veg patch

I finally achieved my mission of clearing the veg patch behind our house and planting my carrots and beetroot. This is the third time I have cleared this piece of ground since last autumn so I was determined to get the seeds in and not leave it to the weeds again. As Monday was a holiday here I decided I wouldn’t stop until it was done – by 7pm Monday evening I had finished it. Well I still haven’t sown my chard and salad bits and pieces under the right tunnel, but I can do that this weekend.


Sausage dinner

There was a surprise bonus from clearing the area. I haven’t got round to planting my potatoes this year (I blame the surgery as I usually plant them at Easter) so we don’t have any new potatoes. They may or may not get planted this year – I don’t know yet. However, two years ago I had grown potatoes in this veg patch and when digging them out I must have missed some as they have started to grow. As I was pulling up the weeds and rogue potato plants I found some small new potatoes – how fabulous. So we were able to have new potatoes for dinner with our sausages on Saturday night.

Sausages, new potatoes, roast beans and tomatoes and onion gravy: We used the last of the beans and tomatoes from the freezer. I don’t really like frozen beans just served as a side vegetable. They are fine added to Mee Goreng, but on their own they can be a bit soft. Recently I have started roasting them with tomatoes – just put frozen beans and tomatoes straight into an oven-proof dish,  sprinkle over some Maldon seasalt and some olive oil and roast until done. beans and tomatoesThese are really really good. Make onion gravy by gently frying a sliced onion in butter, add in a spoonful of flour and then gradually stir in chicken stock – you could deglaze the pan before you add the stock with some wine or other liquor. You can also add a spoonful of hedgerow  or apple and chilli jelly to add a little sweetness.

Surprise potatoes

Surprise potatoes

veg patch

The ‘before’ shot

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