Darwin2I am in London for a couple of days – hospital and work – plus I have writing deadlines so today we have a guest post by Darwin one of our ginger scientists. He has opted not to write anything, and instead will just show everyone how seriously cute he is.  Darwin is adventurous and is always out and about – after all he has a lot of research to do on the natural world for his book. He is particularly keen on rabbits, which is not such  good news for the rabbits.  In contrast, his brother Fermat-Newton (Fermie for short) is a bit of a homebody – but then he is a mathematician. I think my Dad would have loved the fact that we have a cat named after mathematicians. Darwin and Fermie were cats that James rescued from the vets – we have very little self-control when it comes to cute furry things which is why we have 7 cats. They are both super-friendly and spend most of the summer chatting up campers and trying to sleep in their tents and caravans. Over to Darwin ……


2 responses to “Darwin

  1. Hi, Darwin! Looking forward to your research when you finally get it published. You are beautiful by the way. Tell James and Claire they did a great job making a home for you with them. And thanks, Claire, for the story. Good luck with your deadlines.

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