Mangetout, Beetroot and Lettuce

veg from margoAfter dog class on Tuesday Margo gave us all some lovely veggies from her garden, namely mangetout, beetroot and lettuce. As my mangetout got completely eaten by the evil pigeons who to be honest have enough other food sources and don’t really need to munch on my baby plants, I was really excited to get some. The beetroot also had some excellent leaves which I use in a similar way to chard. Anyway these three veggies have formed the basis of quite a few meals this week.

Mee Goreng vegetables

Mee Goreng vegetables

Mee goreng with noodles

Mee Goreng

We had our usual weekday meal of Mee Goreng (see here for another version of the recipe) made this time with mangetout, beet leaves and stalks, onion and some red pepper I bought (yes, bought!) last week. I parboiled the mangetout and then stir-fried it all together adding some marinated tofu at the last minute. Then add some cooked egg noddles and the sauce which I make from Ketchap manis, soy sauce, chilli paste (I used harissa as that is what I had open in the fridge), some mirin, dash of water, tsp of ground cumin and a tsp of ground coriander. finish by adding the juice from a large lemon – this is essential.

I used the rest of the beet leaves and mangetout for vegetable egg fried rice no photo as we were too hungry. The lettuce we had as a salad with some avocado on Friday with pasta and parsley pesto. The beetroot I made into a beetroot hummus based on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s book Everyday Veg (300) whiche had with some muhammara as part of a meze starter, with spaghetti and parsley pesto to follow when our friends visited at the weekend.

Beetroot hummos

Beetroot hummus

Beetroot hummus: Two large beetroot (you can very the amount of the ingredients – I make it all to taste as this means you can keep tasting as you go along); handful of breadcrumbs; two garlic; tbs of tahini; walnuts’ cumin seeds; lemon juice; salt; olive oil. Dry fry the walnuts and cumin seeds until toasted. Add everything into a food processer and whiz until you get the consistency you like. Add olive oil until it is smooth. Keep adjusting the lemon juice until it is sharp enough. It keeps for a while in the fridge, but it doesn’t last that long here. We eat it with homemade pita bread, but you could also spread it on sandwiches, eat it with carrots or put it in wraps etc etc.veg2

8 responses to “Mangetout, Beetroot and Lettuce

  1. oooh I love beetroot hummous and make it often. Where Claire do you get your Tofu? I am seeking a local source. I am making lots of beetroot soups at the moment, lush! Loving your blogs 🙂

    • I get my tofu and marinated tofu from Riverford – they are an organic veg box scheme. We get our lemons, bananas, avocados and tofu from there – and they deliver.

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