Lazy rhea-egg baby tarts

cracked egg2Yesterday I cracked open the original rhea egg we had been given. I wasn’t sure what to make, but wanted to be able to share it with people so I decided on lazy (aka crustless) baby tarts, although the recipe for scrambled egg put back in the eggshell and served with asparagus looked pretty cool.

cheese and eggLazy Rhea-Egg Baby Tarts – 1 rhea egg, about 100ml of milk, some Hawes Wensleydale cheese, but you could use any cheese, 1 onion. I sauteed the onion (from the garden – how exciting) in oil and then put a little into the bottom of some greased muffin tins with some cubes of the Wensleydale. I then whisked the egg with some milk, seasoned it and poured it into the pans. I popped it in an 180C oven for 15 minutes or so.

cheese in pansWhen they were golden brown I let them cool and then took them out of the pans. Although I had greased the pans they were tricky to get out and I have now knackered my pans. But what did they taste like? They were rich, but quite airy – there were lots of air bubbles in the quiches. I think next time I might add a little flour to the mix to give it a firmer texture and grate the cheese – overall I thought they were lovely. But I definitely need to ask Rita for her wonderful recipe as that was truly delicious – see here.

Lazy rhea egg baby quiches

Lazy rhea egg baby tarts

Of course having made the baby tarts I shared them with some friends on the site. George doesn’t even like eggs, but he bravely took a bite and then decided that it wasn’t for him. Belle also wasn’t persuaded, but Nathan was more positive. They all agreed that next time I should put the egg in a big pancake or cake, although Nathan also suggested a giant poached egg which would be really cool.

Nathan, Belle and George tasting the baby quiches

Nathan, Belle and George tasting the baby quiches

We have some left and will be having them for dinner tonight with salad – yum yum.

N.B. I now really need to have rheas as I want to be able to experiment with making all sorts of things with their eggs.

7 responses to “Lazy rhea-egg baby tarts

  1. They have rheas at my local zoo. I wonder what they would say if I asked for an egg to make tarts? 😉 They look delicious.

  2. I love the way my Nathan will just about eat anything and will almost always find something positive to say about it! Maybe he needs to think about a career in food tasting??

    • Maybe he could become a restaurant critic and then sometimes when going to review wonderful restaurants would remember the nice lady at the campsite who gave him rhea eggs to taste and take her along?? I am preparing the list of restaurants I want to visit as we speak!

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