Intensively farmed alpacas

alpacas in cages2We have decided due to financial considerations to intensively farm our alpacas and to therefore keep them in cages. Here are Inky Dinky Do and Peanut yearning for their former free lives …..


Inky yearning for freedom

Inky yearning for freedom




Peanut in a cage

Peanut in a cage






Of course we are not really keeping them in cages we would never do that! Our naughty alpacas often sneak into the chicken run and help themselves to chicken food.

Alpacas hanging out with chickens

Alpacas hanging out with chickens in the chicken run


Alpacas in field

The alpacas are currently hanging out in their fields, eating grass and having a lovely free life. They are definitely not being kept in cages.

Free alpacas

Free alpacas

N.B. I even felt bad just thinking the thought and writing the post about keeping them in cages, but I thought the photos were funny and wanted to share them. We would never ever ever keep any of our animals in cages – that is horrid. Although quite frankly the baby turkeys are starting to try my patience, but their exploits are a story for another day …..


7 responses to “Intensively farmed alpacas

  1. Had me alarmed there for a minute though I totally trust any/all decisions you make about your animals. Just made me sad to think of them being not free. And then I laughed. You prankster!

    • I could never keep them in cages – I would feel bad keeping them in a small paddock or field. Actually I feel pretty bad as we have moved them to a new paddock with nice new grass, but it doesn’t have a shelter. Of course it is warm, they generally prefer to be outside and the have the hedge that provides some shelter, but still ….

  2. Cheeky alpacas, I applaud your joke!! Had me going for a minute or two..couldn’t really do that tho’. Its lovely to see them free roaming in their own field.

  3. The alpacas hang out with the chickens, and the chickens hang out with the pigs – everyone likes to go visiting and see what food their friends are having! The sheep recently knocked down the hurdles between their field and where the alpacas are for a visit – not sure how much the alpacas appreciated this though.

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