Poultry news from the Front Garden

turkeys and chicksThe turkeys and silkie chicks are now new best friends. Not only are they hanging out together during the day, but they are sharing their scrambled eggs and also having sleepovers.

Sharing scrambled eggs

Sharing scrambled eggs

Waking up

Waking up

The turkeys are mainly sleeping in the coop with the silkies, except for one night when they chose to sleep on our porch roof. And then at 4am when they were cold and hungry they peeped very very loudly. We now try and encourage them to go to bed with the silkies rather than perch on the roof as once they are up there we can’t get them down.

Preferred turkey sleeping quarters - on the front porch roof, under the eaves

Preferred turkey sleeping quarters – on the front porch roof, under the eaves

The turkeys though also happen to think that the house is their domain as well – perhaps it was because they spent their formative weeks in the dining room. Anytime the door or window is left open, in they come.

Turkeys in dining room

Turkeys in dining room

The adult silkies in the front garden are also all sitting on a clutch of eggs. Or rather Bobblehead and Maeve are sitting on eggs and the others are keeping them company. Despite promising to keep better records, I haven’t managed it again. They started laying and sitting quite erratically so there wasn’t a proper first day (this is my excuse and I am sticking to it). I am not sure if any chicks will hatch but I am checking them everyday or so, so we will just have to wait and see.

Silkies sitting

Silkies sitting

N.B. I am going to candle the rhea eggs in the incubator this evening as they have now been there for 7 days.

9 responses to “Poultry news from the Front Garden

    • Ha ha!
      Little do they know that they essentially started their life in the dining room and they will end it there as well – albeit with loads of lovely foraging, exploring and general misbehaving in between. I should have added that the turkey chicks are regular escape artists and are constantly getting over the fence into the driveway and the road!

    • We are lucky and don’t have too many mosquitoes. We have a lot of flies though. We have an electric zapper thing in the kitchen (similar to that you find in commercial kitchens) and we also have this fly trap thing outside that lures them in to their death. I might take a photo of it for those interested – it is totally revolting, but it keeps most of the flies away. The only time I wanted screens was when we got invaded by hornets – that wasn’t fun.

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