Surprise gifts

deskThis is my desk where I work. It is a little cluttered with books and things as I have been busy finishing an article and I write in a slightly chaotic way, piling up the books I use as I go. Can you see anything unusual?


miceMy thoughtful, lovely cats brought me not one, but two presents – how kind. They know I am rubbish at catching mice and they fear that I can’t feed myself – so very thoughtful of them to bring me some food and to leave it where they know I will find it.

8 responses to “Surprise gifts

  1. Bbllleeuuuurr! Tony had a cat that would very carefully skin the mouse heads first before leaving them for us to tread on at the bottom of the stairs! It was the live mice the cats dropped on the bed in the early hours of the morning that we really, really didn’t appreciate. The look on poor old Bens face when we got upset about a mouse on our duvet was really quite comical!

    • Oh, live mice on beds isn’t fun. On the first night home after one of my operations one of the cats chose to bring in a live mouse and proceed to chase it round the bedroom. We didn’t have a door on the room at that time so very quickly I moved into another room. Having a cat leap all over the bed when you are very sore and worried about wounds is not fun! Skinning mouse heads is just weird. We had one cat who used to leave us the decapitated bodies of rabbits. I imagined he had a tower of skulls somewhere, but we never found it.

    • Thank you. I work a lot outside with my hands in dirt and poo – so I really appreciate nice handcream and leave it everywhere to remind me to use it!

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