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fertile eggsAs I mentioned a week ago or so our four silkie girls have all been sitting together on a clutch of eggs. A week or so ago I found some empty egg shells. I worried that one of the girls was eating eggs. Then a few days ago I found, in the same day, two cracked open eggs with developing chicks inside. I don’t really know what is going on, but at least it indicates that some of the eggs were fertile so maybe some of them will eventually hatch. The chicks were reasonably well developed.

Little dead chick

Little dead chick

I didn’t want this to happen to all the eggs so I decided to move Bobblehead and Maeve (as they have a proven record as good mums) and the eggs to new maternity quarters.

Maternity quarters

Maternity quarters

The only downside with re-using a dog kennel as maternity quarters is that it is a little hard to get inside. As yet, still no chicks have hatched.. It is about now that I wish I had kept better records – or, to be fair, any record at all! Unfortunately yesterday I found another dead chick in a shell. Well we will have to wait and see…..


N.B Marla asked about our fly traps – they are hideous things – look away if you are squeamish or gaze with morbid fascination, if you can’t help yourself! The black mass you can see is flies – they often lay maggots in there as well – serious gross. However, it does keep the majority out of the house which is a relief.

Fly trap

Fly trap

3 responses to “chick news

  1. Fly trap is serious gross from your description mostly but, if effective,…whatever works. Not very zen about flies. Try to be about spiders as I understand a bit more about what some of their work here is. Re: developing chicks in broken eggs. Could one of the moms be breaking the eggs? Maybe there’s some mental illness in the silkie community? or jealousy? Just doing a little anthropomorphizing to start the day out.

  2. I guess one of the mummy silkies is doing it – hence we moved the eggs out, but then it happened again in the maternity wing. I am also pretty sure I put 12 eggs in there and now I can only see 5 – it gets stranger and stranger.

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