Reunited turkeys

reunited with parentsThis week seems to be turkey week on the blog and at the smallholding. I promise I will write about something else tomorrow! Anyway, last week we took the older turkey chicks from the front garden and reunited them with their parents. The turkey chicks kept escaping from the garden  – one was found walking up the road! Although they liked being with the silkies we thought it better that they live in the turkey area. We weren’t sure how they would get along, but so far everything seems fine. For the first few nights we locked them up in the coop, but now they sleep with the others on the fence – completely ignoring the lovely shelter that Pete and James made for them! Here are some photos…..


baby turkeyfamily2

James and turkeys

Daddy turkey4little turkeys

me and turkeys

The peacock and campers came to visit ……

peacock and turkeyscampers and turkeys2

4 responses to “Reunited turkeys

  1. God they grow so fast. Lovely. Sorry they don’t like James’ little cottage for them. I’d stay there if it was a wee big bigger.

    • They grow really really fast. The chicks that hatched last weekend have already got their wing feathers in and are about 4 times the size. It is almost as if you can watch them grow in front of your eyes.
      Baby chick that I hatched out on Monday is doing well. he is smaller than the others (as he is younger) but he is now much more steady on his legs and is gobbling scrambled egg as if it is going out of fashion! xx

  2. Another amazing use for all your eggs. Lovely bit of news. Yay for baby chicks eating their eggs, for human foster mamas and all their efforts, and a great big yay for the internet and all that can be found there to help along the birth of a distressed chick. Good job everyone!

  3. Thank you. I am so pleased with them all. I have now moved them out into their new luxurious quarters in the garage – pictures will follow soon. x

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