Cabbage noodle satay

cabbageWe had our first cabbage. I love cabbage. The main thing we do with cabbages apart from eat them in salad is make cabbage noodle satay – it is one of our regular mid-week dishes. It sounds weird but it is utterly delicious. We don’t actually call it cabbage noodle satay – we call it cabbage and peanut butter thing – but that doesn’t sound as good – actually it sounds pretty yukky – it isn’t!

shredded cabbageCabbage noodle satay: one cabbage finely sliced, noodles (udon or soba – something with substance), crunchy peanut butter, mirin, tamari, rice wine vinegar, chilli sauce. Fry the sliced cabbage. Cook the noodles in boiling water. Mix the peanut butter with the other ingredients – I haven’t given precise amounts as I just add to get the taste I like and the right consistency. You can add a drop of water or sake/rice wine if you like. Add noodles to cabbage, pour sauce over and mix. You can also fry up some tofu and add this in, if you like. Super delicious and really really good for you.Cabbage satay

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