Greengages and fruit trees

mouldy damsonsThe fruit trees in our pear garden and orchard are slowly growing each year. We garden organically so don’t put anything on them – this does mean they sometimes get infested with things! This year it was black fly and greenfly. If I am organised I spray them with organic washing up liquid diluted in water – I wasn’t that organised this year.  Anyway, my lovely damson crop is going all mouldy. I don’t know why – maybe it was weakened by having a blackfly infestation. Any ideas? We had to cut down our old damson tree as it was on its last legs and I miss damsons.



However, our plums and pears are doing well and I found three giant greengages on our tree for the first time. I was so excited I ate one. it was so nice I ate another. The last one is now lonely so I might eat that too.

eaten greengage





applecooking appleraspberries



plums and Kai













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