Silkie cockerels

silkie cockerel2We have three silkie cockerels looking for good homes. Their dad is a gentle lovely cockerel and they seems so as well. They have gorgeous colourings, but we have enough cockerels so I am looking to rehome three of these – they are free. If you are interested in giving a home to one of these, let me know.Silkie cockerel3silkie cockerel1silkie cokcerel4Silkie3

2 responses to “Silkie cockerels

  1. Don’t tell Nathan what ever you do! My neighbours would kill me if I had cocker waking them up at the crack of dawn! A few years ago a neighbour had a cockerel with a broken voice! It didn’t say cock-a-doodle-do just crock-aa-aa! Very funny, for about five minutes and then you realised it was 3am!

  2. As someone told me when we got our first cockerel – little bantams have little lungs so they only have a little cock-a-doodle-do !! And yes, we believed them!

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