Nose to Tail

head and eyesWe – well actually I mean I here – really embrace the nose to tail ethos on the smallholding – see here for more details. If we raise and then kill an animal I want all of it to be used or consumed. With that in mind when we made our butchery request at the fabulous Ruse and Son I asked for the head, the tongue and the eyes. Just to show how wonderful they are, I wasn’t allowed my head as the sheep was over two years old, but very kindly they gave me the head of another, younger sheep that would have been thrown out. They took the eyes out of the skull as per my request as I had a special use for these.

Sheep eyes

Sheep eyes

Belle had asked for the sheep eyes. I am not sure if she actually believed I would say yes, but really who could say no? She is starting a new school in September and how cool would two preserved sheep eyes be at show and tell? James kindly got two specimen pots from the vets and some preserving fluid and, I with the help of Steve at Ruse and Sons got the eyeballs – nothing gets wasted here!

Belle and eyes

Belle and eyes

Katie and Faeren each got a horn to share with their brothers as and horns

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