Turkey chick update

baby chick and friendsThis is baby chick – the turkey chick I had to help out of the shell – see here. As you can see he is doing very well. He was wobbly on his legs for a few days, but is now fit and well, just a little smaller than his siblings. The chicks stayed in the brooder in the front porch for a week where they had a lot of visitors. They then moved to their new quarters in the garage – see here.

Faeren and chickkids and chickskids and chicks6kids and chicks4turkey chicks4turkey chick6

As the turkeys have now started jumping out of their garage home and are stretching their wings I decided to put them in the garden yesterday while the weather was good – they loved it – although they were also very curious about the house as well! They run about trying to fly – so very very cute. As you can see they are growing very quickly.

turkeys coming inside

turkeys in the gardenturkeys in the doorway









turkeys and silkies










4 responses to “Turkey chick update

  1. So many kids!! What fun. And thank you so much for the chick update. They are beautiful and I love seeing their progress and new bits of your home where they are residing.

    • They are super sweet, but are inveterate escape artists. I have just found them out of their little section of the garage just bopping around – will post some pictures after egg collecting! xx

    • I don’t know. We have some that hatched in May and they are getting quite big. I guess six months is usual. We will probably keep them longer though. The cut off date for the males will be early spring as they will probably start to fight and we don’t want that. So it looks like we might be selling Turkeys for Easter!

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