Scallops, Bees and Hedgehogs

scallopsAfter bee club two weeks ago I picked up some scallops from a local fishmonger. I had a little leftover home-made fridge chorizo leftover and a few broadbeans I had gleaned from the garden. So I made fried scallops on broad bean puree with a sprinkling of chorizo. It is very simple, you need super-fresh scallops, broadbeans, lemon juice, olive oil,  homemade chorizo and a few lettuce leaves. Pod and boil the broad beans. Cool and then take the outer skins off the beans. Puree the beans with lemon juice, seasoning and olive oil. broadbean pureePile up in the middle of a plate. Fry (or griddle) the scallops, put on or around the puree. Quickly fry the chorizo and sprinkle over the scallops. The photo is rubbish as it was late and I didn’t want to mess around + I am rubbish at taking photos of food. But the food was delicious!scallops and broad beans

What about the bees? Well last time I checked it looked as if there was chalk brood in one hive and in the other the bees hadn’t capped the brood. Maybe varroa? I have put in boards to check the mite count and will get my varroa treatment today. I have also put some home made wasp traps out. Here are some rubbish photos as it turns out it is quite hard to hold a frame with one hand and take photos with the other!

Frame with honey, pollen and uncapped brood

Frame with honey, pollen and uncapped brood

uncapped brood?


And of course the hedgehog that James found ……hedgehog

3 responses to “Scallops, Bees and Hedgehogs

  1. We eat something similar here although I don’t puree the beans and use Stornoway black pudding pieces instead of chorizo. It’s a less artistic meal than yours though as it’s pretty much from pan to plate!

  2. Oh, scallops with black pudding would be lovely – I will try it, thank you for the idea. I love black pudding and now I have my own pigs I can make it from their blood which is brilliant.

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