BBQ Food

cooked seabreamThe last time I went to America to stay with family, I was really impressed by their bbqs – and how often they used them. As they were all gas there was no faffing about to get them started which means you could just go outside to quickly cook fish or vegetables – it doesn’t need to be a big event. Needless to say we came home and bought a bbq. This is our third summer using it and I love it.



Last year I bought this fish grill implement so I could cook fish without  it getting completely stuck on the grills – I need to use this more. The fish in the above photo is seabream and we had it with samphire.

Marinated Shiiake mushrooms

Marinated Shiiake mushrooms

grilling mushrooms2I have also cooked some delicious marinated shiitake mushrooms on it recently. I might try and buy one of those logs that you can grow mushrooms on as I really like them.












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