Turkey Chick Birthday Party

finishing cakes before turkey pettingAbout a week and a half ago it was Jude’s birthday. He often has his birthday while staying here so we and the campsite gang have a little party for him. This year we started off with cake decorating before moving on to turkey chick petting. cake decoratingYes, you heard it first here. I guarantee this will be the new big thing for kids’ birthday parties in the next year or so. Before you know it everyone will be wanting a turkey chick petting party. I might even hire out the services of myself and the chicks – I foresee a quick way to make my fortune – or not, as the case may be.

Busy decorating cakes

Busy decorating cakes

cake decorating6

Decorating lemon polenta cakes

After the cakes, we got the turkeys out – they were about two weeks old (I think). Everyone had a great time carefully holding them. The turkeys enjoyed exploring outside and jumped up everywhere.

Turkey chicks ready for the party

Turkey chicks ready for the party

Carefully getting them out of the box

Carefully getting them out of the box

turkey chicks2kids and chicks2Jude and chickBelle2FaerenNathan2HollyGeorge

The chicks got everywhere

The chicks got everywhere

Blowing out candles on the Rainbow Loom lemon and orange polenta  cake

Blowing out candles on the Rainbow Loom lemon and orange polenta cake

perching chick


7 responses to “Turkey Chick Birthday Party

  1. So sweet to see how gentle the kids were being with the chicks. Such an amazing gift to the kids and their parents this chick petting party idea you have had. Here there are farms that charge per person/family to do harvest events, pumpkin gathering, mazes in the corn rows, apple games, riding around on a wagon pulled by a tractor. Could see you charging a rate for chick petting parties. Yup. Can see it. Throw in a contest or two of some sort. Yup. Have no doubt you could make it work AND be a heck of a good time.

  2. All the kids have been really good with he various chicks we have had this year. There are farms round here that charge for entry and food to feed the critters. I quite like the fact that we don’t charge and instead just have lots of helpers with egg collection, alpaca feeding and pig petting. Although I might make an exception to run turkey chick parties – after all I imagine the chicks will demand a performance fee in corn or scrambled egg or something

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