GreenhousesI love my greenhouses. I love the smell of the tomatoes as they ripen – it reminds me of my grandma and grandad’s old wooden greenhouse and the contentment of sitting there eating tomatoes by the handful and watching my grandad sort out his plants. I love the fact that they mean I can grow cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and tomatillos. I try and grow aubergines, but although they flower the fruit always rots and drops off which is crushingly disappointing.tomatoes in green houses

Our friend Lakshmi helped build one of the greenhouses and working in them always reminds me of her. Thanks to Juliet helping me to clear out and plant one of the greenhouses earlier in the year I now have tomatoes and cucumbers to feast on.cucmberstomatoes








I love cucumbers and in the summer I get to eat one everyday for lunch. I also pickle them, but pickling has to wait for a glut as I can’t give up my lunchtime cucumber! I am still waiting for the peppers and the tomatillos, but they are coming along as well.













In the summer I mainly eat salad for lunch – this is the first salad I had with this year’s tomatoes – I had it with Devon Blue cheese – one of my Neal’s yard cheeses this month. I had it with a simple dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oil – I also snuck some avocado in there too.

salad ingredientssalad

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