Bawdsey Ferry

Bawdsey5While our friends and family were here a couple of weeks ago we made a few trips to Bawdsey Ferry. It is just a ten minute drive from here or a 20 minute cycle ride (maybe less). It is at the confluence of the river Deben and the North Sea and is one of the most beautiful places round here. There is a small safe, sandy beach on the river, a cafe selling selling delicious home-made cakes, a ferry that runs on demand over across the river to the dizzy heights of Felixstow Ferry, a beautiful shingle beach, and not much else. Even on sunny days in August it is not busy, as you can see…..


Across to Felixstow Ferry

Across to Felixstow Ferry


Felixstow Ferry and the Martelo Tower

Felixstow Ferry and the Martelo Tower


View out to Sea

View out to Sea



4 responses to “Bawdsey Ferry

  1. Seems a melancholy beauty to me today as I see your photos. Just my style. Will dream my way in to being there in lieu of actually being there. Thanks for the images.

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