Naughty Turkeys

image2The turkeys are getting bigger and more adventurous. They can now easily fly out of their little home in the garage and every morning I find them in different places, in with the poorly hen, up in the rafters and in the food sack!image6

I take them out into the front garden everyday, but I think they still need somewhere sheltered to sleep at night so I put them back in the garage. They don’t seem to want the heat lamp anymore, they prefer to perch on the edge of their home.image5 During the day they hang around with the silkies and enjoy having dust baths.

Dustbathing turkeys

Dustbathing turkeys



6 responses to “Naughty Turkeys

  1. Hard to be mad at them when they are so cute…well, unless you’re the one having to run around trying to find them and keep them in a secure, designated space. You’re doing a great job, dear surrogate turkey mom. Be proud.

    • I took a little frozen turkey from the male we killed earlier in the year as a treat for my dogs while training today. I felt slightly bad when people also asked how my turkey chicks were doing, but hey, they have a great life!

  2. oh my! They are growing so fast! That is hilarious that they are getting into the feed bag like that. They’re not stupid for sure. Your front garden is surely packed. They must be very happy.

  3. They are one of the funniest creatures ever. I think they are happy – perhaps they would like a little more scrambled egg, but otherwise this is pretty much turkey heaven!

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