From the Garden

plums-fruitThis week I am busy doing a working dog training course. I am working Kainaat, but Daisy does get to do the odd track or sendaway. Anyway between the course and the campsite there is not much time for blogging so today here are some pictures from the garden and the produce I have been gathering.

We have lots of plums now of different sorts – not sure which I as haven’t checked the tree map.plums Although we do only have the one damson on the tree we planted to remember Fidel our little kitten that died.solitary damson






I also collected the last rogue gooseberries, I had been putting it off as they are so prickly. The autumn raspberries have decided that now is a good time to be ripe and we have lots, most of which I am eating for breakfast although I did make a nice cake I will write about on Friday.fruit


I have picked our first beans as well and we are eating lots of cabbage with peanut butter sauce!beans copyeggs and beansbassicas2This year my courgettes are growing in the new strawberry bed – seemed like a good idea at the time. Parsley has sprouted up everywhere so I am just leaving it. it all looks chaotic, but we have courgettes which is good – we are also not totally overwhelmed with them – also good.courgette, strawberry and parsleycourgettes








The cooking apples are now huge and the cucumbers thrive. The sweetcorn needs picking.

basket of fruitsweetcorn








When Mary, Rachid, Julian and Olivia were here they all helped out on the smallholding. Rachid split loads of wood for us, Mary totally transformed the messy area under my old apple tree and organised my pots into their new home. Julian worked so hard strimming and mowing our front area and now our site looks the tidiest it has ever been. He carefully removed all the weeds from around and between the little hedgerow at the front  and it is stunning. Olivia worked in public relations and got to know all the children on the site and looked after them – as well as keeping tabs on the cats and other animals! Thank you all for your help, hope the rest of your trip is going well. We miss you and hope you will come back soon.

Under the tree - no rubbish in site!

Under the tree – no rubbish in site!

organised pot box

organised pot box

Beautiful strimmed entrance

Beautiful strimmed entrance

Julian found trees when strimming

Julian found trees when strimming

strimming bank


4 responses to “From the Garden

  1. Love the photos! We know it’s plum season when we start treading on them in the driveway. We had only just discovered the tree a few years ago mainly because of them littering the drive. Now it’s a question of who will get to them first–us or the birds?

  2. How wonderful to have such a bountiful plum tree. I am hoping that in a few years I will be so overwhelmed with plums and will have made so much jam and eaten so many that I happily feed them to the pigs!

  3. So pleased to hear that the little projects we did made you happy.
    Hopefully next time we’ll get to do some more! Rachid and I are dreaming of coming back already! such wonderful memories for all of us.Thank you again Claire and James.

  4. The projects you all did were amazing – thank you. Hope the rest of your holiday was good. We would love for you to all come back whenever you want – we will be here. xxxx

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