Knitted Jacob Hats

Hats2Earlier this summer the lovely Sheena and her husband came to stay on the site. Sheela is a spinner and was very interested in our alpacas and Jacob sheep. We had recently just had the sheep and alpacas shorn and as luck would have it we had one shearling Jacob fleece leftover. I had tentatively promised it to someone who felts, but we reckoned it would be OK to split it and give half to Sheena and half to the felter.Claire hat

Sheena explained to me how she would clean and prepare the fleece – it was fascinating. One day I hope to have the time to do this (why aren’t there more hours in the day?) and to learn to spin


Anyway, Sheena went off with the fleece and then a week or so ago these amazing hats turned up in the post. Aren’t they totally amazing? I can’t believe how beautiful they are. Thank you so much Sheena – it is so kind of you – we love them. it is especially lovely to wear something from our own lovely sheep. Claire-hat2

Although it is not quite cold enough for hats just yet, I have been caught wearing them around the house. We thought that the one with the pom pom might be for me, but if James is asleep I might wear his as well…….


10 responses to “Knitted Jacob Hats

  1. Oh I’m so jealous of your hats!! And your friends ability with a hunk of wool!! Wear them well and with much pride. They are lovely on you both. May they keep you warm and dry for ages. Nice photos!

  2. So glad the hats are in your possession. I had a lot of pleasure in creating them both and am now working with a White-faced woodland fleece. Looking forward to visiting with you again.

  3. Just looove the hats. You both look darling in them (thanks for photos) and I, too, am jealous of such lovely handwork. And from your own animals! What a score. I think the idea of selling hats from your animals a winning idea if the amazing Sheena has the willingness and time. Thanks for the news.

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