Cuter than Cute

all the chicksWe are furiously busy today, picking and processing vegetables and fruit, doing gardening, working dogs, watering trees, coping with the last day of August on the campsite, and sorting out the pigs before they head off at 5am to the abattoir tomorrow. But there is always time for cute. And here are the four bundles of cuteness that hatched from the eggs I popped in the incubator three weeks ago – see here.

Chickblack chickchicksJames and chickschick2FaerenKatyyellow chickholding chicks

8 responses to “Cuter than Cute

  1. Chicks in a bowl….how did you come up with that??
    I can’t believe the summer is done already. So sad….

    • It makes a nice photograph, but the chicks are a bit frisky and two leapt out. I can’t believe the summer is done – maybe we will get a couple of nice weeks in September – I hope so.

  2. So darling, your chicks in a bowl being smooched and loved by big humans. Enjoy your busy, beautiful day.

    • Thank you. It is 7.40 and we are nearly done. Just got to have a shower and get some dinner – luckily it is leftovers from yesterday – bacon and bean stew – clearing out the freezers!

    • Thank you. PIgs are happily snuggled in the trailer – they had their dinner in there and seem fine. I am looking forward to the sausages, but first I will be making more black pudding tomorrow with the blood – yum yum. Will have to try some with scallops as you suggested.

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