Large Happy Turkey Family

turkeys on the fenceThe nine baby turkeys are thriving. I was keeping them in the garage at night and carrying them into the front garden during the day.  I mentioned before that they were getting quite adventurous and naughty – see here – over the past two weeks they just got even more independent. They never slept in their little enclosure but leapt or flew out and roosted all over the place including on the ride-on mower which didn’t endear them to James as they also poo where they roost!Turkeys roosting They also kept finding themselves mysteriously in the feedbag.


turkeys in feedbagturkeys coming out









When I found them on the roof of the house I knew it was time to move them to be with the big turkeys.turkeys on the roofturkeys taking in the evening light








So last week we moved them to the big turkey enclosure where they met their parents and older siblings.

Turkeys in boxes having just been extricated from the roof!

Turkeys in boxes having just been extricated from the roof!

releasing turkeysreunited turkeysturkeys8turkeys9























And then we found these …… the hen is now sitting and we estimate the hatch date as 28th September – if they are much later it will be problematic as I have to go away for work for three days and I am not sure James fancies rescuing newly born chicks from an angry turkey!turkey eggs


4 responses to “Large Happy Turkey Family

  1. Ooh, more turkey adventures with a mysterious chapter ending. Am actually glad to see they are being transferred to be with the others due to their escapades. Hope they are welcomed and thrive there.

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