Twinkletoes Snowpea (and Mao)

Angelic catI managed to catch these lovely pictures of Twinkle one morning as she slept on something on our dining room table. James bought Twinkle for me for my birthday in 2008 just a week after my Dad had died. We had two old cats (Gizmo and Dusty – Gizmo was black and White and Dusty was black with white paws) who we had also taken on from my Dad when he was going through a bad time. We had also got my Dad a kitten in the summer of 2008 to both keep him company and also as a bit of a bribe so he would accept some help being looked after – there was only so much we could do at weekends (we lived in London and he lived in Suffolk). The kitten was black and called Thelonius Monk. It seemed cute to continue the black and white theme.Twinkle4

My Dad would have loved Twinkle. He loved all cats, but I think he would have especially loved her.Twinkle2


Just for the record in our house it seems that black cats are named after archangels or jazz musicians; tabbys after revolutionaries; ginger cats after scientists; and black and white cats get random names often chosen by James.

MaoToday is the start of a new adventure for Mao as he is going to live with our friends Jeff, Kerry, Jude and Holly. He has known them all his life as they come and visit quite a bit. Although for a number of years he got on really well with our other cats recently he has started fighting badly with Darwin and especially Fermat-Newton (Fermie). He has been biting his head and attacking him so badly that it has resulted in visits to the vets. Possibly Mao was a  bad choice of name, could it be he is instigating his own cultural revolution and turning against the intelligentsia particularly scientists?  He is actually a very sweet cat, great with people and children. He loves cuddles. He also likes other cats, but the weird dynamic of our house with 6 other cats combined maybe with a clash of personalities with Fermie has led to an intolerable situation. Luckily we have found a perfect solution and I am heading off to Bristol today with Mao.  I think he will be really happy in his new home as he will get lots more attention, there is a big garden so he will still be able to hunt mice, and he will get lots of love. I think there are also two children who are beside themselves with excitement at the arrival of Mao. We will be on our way very soon …..

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