Who is eating my tomatoes?

Corban SalataMy greenhouses are doing well at the moment. I planted the tomatoes and cucumbers late this year because of the surgery, but this means that I will hopefully get lots of tomatoes all through autumn.








tomatoes and cucumbersbasil









I can’t remember what types of tomato I planted as I was using up seeds this year. There was the ubiquitous yellow one (not sure why I grow so many of these), there was a cherry type one and also a couple of large heirloom or heritage type ones. Next year I will keep a note of the seeds I plant on my blog.

Something is eating my tomatoes though. I know there is a toad living in there as when I water he pops out to say hello. Is he eating them? Can he jump that high. There was one slug in one greenhouse but I flung that out to the chickens – could it be the slug? It isn’t the chickens as I have chicken-proofed the doorway.

Who is eating my tomatoes?

Who is eating my tomatoes?

The resident toad, a slug, something else?

The resident toad, a slug, something else?



Anyway because of the glut of tomatoes and cucumbers I am mainly eating something called corban salatasi – or shepherd’s salad – something I ate a lot of when I lived in Turkey. It is very simple, but you need very good, very fresh ingredients. I use my small Turkish-style cucumbers (called Iznik and Melen) for this salad. Finely chop some onion and put in a bowl. Add chopped tomato. Peel and seed one or two cucumbers, then chop and add. Finely chop some flat-leaved parsley and add in. Season and then add lemon juice and olive oil. I had some delicious olives so added a few of these as well – they aren’t from the garden, but sometimes you have to compromise! You can eat the salad with beyaz peynir or white cheese as well, if you fancy.


8 responses to “Who is eating my tomatoes?

  1. That salad looks so fresh and delicious – I don’t grow cucumbers but I do have tomatoes in the garden so I think I’ll give this a try and make do with shop bought for the other ingredients! Love the idea of having olives with it too – I can’t resist anything with olives!

    • It will be lovely with shop-bought cucumber etc. The salad is great on its own, or goes very well with fish or meat dishes. I often have ti with an omlette as well. Growing cucumbers was one of the best things I started doing in my garden. There are some types you can grow outside and then others that require, or at least thrive, with some protection. We get at least one cucumber a day, sometimes two or three – they are very prolific.

      • Maybe I’ll have to try growing some – my son loves them so I buy them all the time. I don’t have a greenhouse though so I’ll look out for a variety that can survive outside. I’ll let you know how I get on!

  2. I grew crystal lemon cucumbers outside with quite a bit of success. They are a bit larger than a lemon, round and yellow – very cool. MY neighbour grows some outside as well – maybe burpless – Pat and Ivan waht variety do you grow?

  3. I want to know when you catch whatever it is that’s eating your tom’s like that!! I believe frogs are carnivorous, and no slug I’ve ever seen could do that to a tom!!

    • They have eaten a lot of the tomatoes and in both greenhouses – it is a mystery. Luckily I have quite a few and I am happy to share, but there is a limit to my generosity!

  4. It turns out that it is the chickens who have been eating my tomatoes. James has seen them hopping over my specially constructed chicken guard (some staging turned on its side) eating the tomatoes and then hopping out again. He didn’t think to mention it as until I blogged about it he didn’t know that I didn’t know. Yes, communication is our strong point!

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