Making Pig Tails Straight

straight pig tailA couple of weeks ago I learned a very interesting fact from a girl who was staying on the site. She told me she knew how to make a pig tail straight. Now pig tails are notoriously curly so how could this happen?very curly tail

Apparently if you scratch the back of a pig, near the tail, it will temporarily stop being curly and go straight.


curly tail2


How cool is that? Here are the pictures that show how you too (if you have pigs) can make their tails go straight. No pigs were hurt doing this – they like being scratched and all the attention!

scratching a pig

The expert demonstrating just how to make pig tails straight

scratching pigs2







visiting the pigsAnother good reason to visit our site – where else do you get to make piggy tails straight?

7 responses to “Making Pig Tails Straight

  1. I know! I can’t believe I got to the age of 44 without knowing this. Now of course I want to spend all day making pigs’ tails straight for no other reason than I can!

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