Playing with Dogs

Kids and dogsDaisy Dog and Kainaat love the summer as they have lots of opportunities to play with kids (and adults) on the campsite. They generally come egg collecting with us and someone always prefers to throw the toy for them, than collect eggs. From when they were little puppies they have been surrounded by children – the kids are also involved with their training. When Kai was only 10 weeks old he was learning to do his sendaways and redirects to a cone in one of our fields with the children. I would carry him over there and they would take turns to hold his lead or rattle the food bowl.

kids and dogs2Anyway, I reckon there are not enough photos of the dogs on this site, given that they play a major role in my life and the life of the campsite/smallholding. So here are Daisy Dog and Kainaat playing with some of their favourite friends, Faeren and Katie.


kids and dogs3kids and dogs4Faeren and Daisypuppy loveKatie and dogs


N.B. note the phones on the table in the first picture – these are theirs not mine! When I am on the site my technology is limited to a dog whistle! Actually, although I do own one of James’ cast off mobile phones I never have it on me and when I do it invariably has so charge or no credit. And anyway no-one has my number as even I don’t know what it is.

5 responses to “Playing with Dogs

  1. Wait, the phones on the table are the dogs phones? Oh I bet they are the girls’ phones!! You are all lucky to have one another, that’s including the dogs.

  2. As Crayton and I were maybe the last people we knew to get cell phones many years ago, I totally love knowing there is another in the world who doesn’t abide them well. And I giggle as I know if you had your way you’d have the best and brightest kitchen gadgets on the market as that is where your energy is focused. So no luddite, you, just a matter of priority, eh? Glad to see more of the dogs and kids. As I have neither in my life it makes me happy to see both.

    • As James would tell you am not a big fan of phones full stop. They are useful and I can, of course, use them, but don’t like to. The invention of email made things so much easier for me! I dislike mobile phones more than landlines and if I have a choice I will always call a landline and not a mobile number. I think it is the rude interrupting of mobile phones that I don’t like – where ever you are, whatever you are doing it can interject and draw your focus away – and that just doesn’t seem right to me.

  3. Amen to this. Useful in many ways but definitely an absolute gross interruption of quiet and just add to the already busy lives and overwhelmed brains of everyone doing too much all the time. Though I’m not that good with the written word most days I prefer emails as well as it allows me to slow down, think about what I want to say and edit. Down side is that I don’t get a response as soon as I would like as I would from a conversation on phone. May one day find a balance of both worlds and be comfortable with it all.

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