Chicks and Dogs – best friends for ever?

Kai and chicksI let the chicks out for a little explore yesterday. Currently they live in the brooder in our front porch. They are growing well and have little wing feathers now. Kainaat came to check them out. He is very gentle with them and knows that he mustn’t hurt any poultry – this stretches even to a (slight, but not overwhelming) reluctance to eat our own hens that other dogs have killed – see here.

Are you looking at me?

Are you looking at me?

On the chick front I have 10 Ixworth eggs in the incubator with a hatch date of 24th September. One of the turkey hens is also sitting on 17 eggs with an estimated hatch date of 29th September.  Potentially we have a lot of chicks coming which means we need to make a brooder space some where. We have plans for a special shed in our front garden as this will help the transition from heat to free roaming and will save me having to carry chicks from the garage to the garden and back multiple times, but sheds cost money and take time to build.

Bored, bored, bored. Can't we go out and play or do something with the sheep?

Bored, bored, bored. Can’t we go out and play or do something with the sheep?

More sad turkey news. One of the 9 turkey chicks over in the turkey enclosure died yesterday. It hasn’t looked great for the past few days, but it seemed OK. Worryingly when I went into the turkey enclosure the daddy turkey (Ataturkey – I find this funny even if no-one else does) was pecking at it and there were feathers all around and evidence of pecking on the body.

Chick union meeting

Chick union meeting

I hope this happened after it had died and wasn’t the cause of death. The turkeys have, so far, seemed, unlike hens, to be less vicious. We have now had two turkey deaths (not including me opening eggs too early) and the first one wasn’t pecked. If I get my shed I may incorporate a sickbay into the front garden somewhere as well. We now have the original turkey trio (two hens and one stag), 3 teenager turkeys and 8 younger ones.

black chickchicks i front porch








N.B. the rhea eggs didn’t make it – our old second-hand incubator wasn’t reliable in terms of temperature and humidity and they didn’t develop which is sad – maybe next year we will get baby dinosaurs!

Cute chick

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