Off to Islay

mirror lake5We’ve gone on holiday – both of us, together – with the dogs of course. It is only made possible because of the kindness of our friends Pete and Alfie,  Pat and Ivan (and the other Ivan) who are looking after the site and our animals for us – thank you all so much, we really appreciate it. We’re in Islay, an island off the west coast of Scotland about 10-11 hours drive + a two hour ferry journey from our house. We are staying on the Mull of Oa in a wonderful cottage in the middle of nowhere.

James and carWe left Friday afternoon and stopped overnight at a pub near Penrith – if you stay with dogs they give you dog treats and a little ball. They even have a dog menu in the bar – I ordered three sausages for the dogs to share – yes I am too mean for them to have two each!

mirror lake2Mirror Lake








We left very very early the next morning to drive to Scotland to catch a midday ferry from Kennacraig. The drive to Kennacraig after Glasgow is amazing. We drove along Loch Lomond, Loch Long and Loch Fyne. At one point we saw this beautiful loch, perfectly still,  like mirrored glass. We also stopped briefly at Loch Fyne so I could scarf down half a dozen oysters at 9am (!) and we could give the dogs a little walk before getting on the ferry.

mirror lake3me at mirror lake








Once we arrived at Islay we headed for the cottage stopping for a quick play on a beach. Daisy of course had to explore the turfed roof of the cottage …..

Daisy on roofDaisy on roof2


12 responses to “Off to Islay

  1. Looks very beautiful ! You almost passed our doorstep on you way up. We’re just a very minor detour between Carlisle and Penrith off the A6 If you need a tea break on your way home and a nice dog walk along the Eden river, then you’d be most welcome.

    • A tea break and a dog walk sound lovely. Not sure what our timetable is yet – it depends on the ferry time. We might be doing one mad push to get all the way home in one go as we have work the next day. If not this time, then next time it would be lovely to stop – thank you.

  2. 1). Soooooo jealous (& not of the sausages). Beautiful.
    2). Glad you both are having a great time – enjoy! Relax!

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