Islay Cows

cows and calvesYesterday we went to visit the American monument commemorating the dead from two ship wrecks in 1918. It is at the end of the Mull of Oa, just down the road from us and we hoped to be able to get down to the coastline. On the way we met close up some of the highland cattle we had previously only seen from some distance. They are amazing and they had calves with them!

cute calf2

view on way to American monumentcow and babycows2

The walk was lovely. I had the dogs on leads as it was a bird reserve and there was a sign asking us to do that – so I did. The dogs weren’t hugely happy, but it is good practice for them to walk on leads sometimes. They managed most of the way walking next to me and not pulling.

dogs waiting to set offAmerican monumentwalking up to the monumentme and dogs on headland

When we returned from our walk there was a cow right in the middle of the track – we weren’t sure what to do and then a very cool solution arrived – both James and I want one. What could be better than having a quad bike with a working sheep dog on the back and a huge hill-side full of sheep?

cows on roadcows and man with dogcows and sheep

At the end of the day when we finally got back from walking in the glorious sunshine on the 7-mile long beach at Laggan Bay the cows from the farm where our cottage is came to pay us a visit. They seemed intent on using the hot tub!

cows and hot tubcow

6 responses to “Islay Cows

    • They were seriously cross and couldn’t understand firstly why they couldn’t just bop around as usual and secondly why they couldn’t just walk at heel off the lead – if this was required (bit dog sigh here). They take walking on the lead as a personal insult I think, but there was a sign so we were good!

  1. Don’t go getting any ideas about cattle , Highland or otherwise! All fine here, Pete back tonight, we have had a glorious hot sunny day, campers are happy, xx Pat and Ivan

    • Oh no, but we have already bought the trailer to bring back the two baby highland cows we acquired! Only joking! Thank you so much for looking after everything back at home, we really appreciate it. The last two days have been warm here – I even thought of swimming, but as I have a cold thought it a little unwise! The sea is very clear – not like Shingle Street! xx

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