Tomatillo Salsa

tomatillo salsa

My tomatillos are ready. They are falling off the plant onto the greenhouse floor. This year has been good for tomatillos, despite the shakey start the plants had when the hens pecked them – see here for how Juliet saved them for me. At the weekend I made a very basic tomatillo salsa. Halve the tomatillos and put in a roasting pan or a dish with sides – they will produce a lot of juice. Grill them until they start to blacken and char. Then simply liquidise and add salt and lime juice. It is nice if you add garlic and/or fresh coriander but I couldn’t be bothered on Saturday as I was tired.

tomatillo salsa2

I had been out all day at a working dog trial with Juliet. Dream was competing in a UD open and she qualified – how fabulous. Having got up at 5am after a series of early starts all week, I didn’t fancy making anything complicated for dinner, but I wanted something nice. I made some refried black beans, smeared them over a couple of tortillas (from a shop!), added some pulled pork from the freezer and rolled them up. I popped them in a baking dish covered them with tomatillo salsa and cheese (Lincolnshire Poacher Cheddar) and then baked them until brown. They were delicious – no photo as it was late on a Saturday night and I was tired and hungry!


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