Ringing turkeys


Yesterday we put leg rings on some of our turkeys.The turkeys are very tame, probably because they were handled so much when young. They don’t mind being caught or picked up which will be handy at the end.


We have decided to keep the original trio as they bred successfully this year. We are also going to keep the two females from the first batch of chicks and see if they will breed. The one remaining turkey from this batch is a male and he is going to be a thanksgiving turkey – our first ever in this house.


We first put a blue ring on him, but he took it off. The rings are spirals so they won’t cut into the turkeys’ legs as they grow. We tried a yellow ring and he is happier with this one.


We then put rings on the surviving 8 chicks from the last batch – they have red rings and we plan to eat them in the spring before the males start fighting. You can see that they are all growing well and have a lovely place to live. They sometimes jump over the fence by accident I think as they never go far.

ringed turkeys

The turkeys were very thirsty when I visited them today. Yesterday when we filled up the water we didn’t notice that the hole was blocked and none could get out! Luckily we check on them everyday.

drinking turkeys

Having ringed them so we can distinguish between breeders and eaters we then realised we could just keep them in different areas – we will plan to do that next year.

4 responses to “Ringing turkeys

  1. They are looking so healthy, the hole blocked when we were looking after them, luckily us oldies noticed too, cannot stand the thought of anything being denied water. Xx

    • They do look healthy and happy. I feel really bad we didn’t notice yesterday. I think maybe they had the water in the bottom of the pan, but no more flowed in. At least they have plenty of water now – I can’t believe it is raining so much! Thanks for looking after them so well. xxx

  2. Love turkey news. They look so gorgeous! You are good caretakers even if the water hole gets plugged now and then.;-)

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