Pigs in mud


Our two British Lop pigs are getting big – very big. They are off to the abattoir next Monday morning, but meanwhile they are having a great time sunbathing, rooting around, hanging out with chickens and enjoying the lovely autumn weather we are having. We are hoping to have our pig made into sausages and bacon and packed by the butcher. We will then start to sell these from the smallholding – all very exciting. I am currently trying to sort out the relevant regulations as we want to make sure we do everything properly. We have already bought our commercial grade freezer so hopefully we have everything in place to provide people with very local, very happy pork.

pig2pig in mudpigs3pig pen

Happy pig

Happy pig

hens and pigs

3 responses to “Pigs in mud

  1. Lucky locals getting your sausages! We used to love making sausages and chorizo in our ‘Pig Days’. Hams too, we really miss those! How many pigs do you have? Hopefully the weather will stay nice for their last few days, here we’ve reverted back to horizontal rain – hard to take after such a gorgeous autumn!

  2. This year we had 4 large blacks and 2 British Lops. Three of the large blacks were pig club – the community pig/chore sharing thing we do. One was for us. The one of the British Lops is for us (for sale) and one is for a friend who helps with the feeding. The weather is stunning here at the moment, blue sky, sun and mild. I am really looking forward to making proper chorizo – do you have a favourite recipe?

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