Ixworth Chicks


Last Friday night James moved the older Ixworth chicks from the garage into the front garden and put them in the newly vacated silkie coop – see here for photos of them when they had first hatched. They woke up the next morning to sunshine and freedom and have since spent their days exploring the garden and pecking at bugs and scrambled eggs – a special treat.


Now the hens are out of the garage I have moved the baby Ixworth chicks into there. They have much more room now. When they have got their new feathers I will start letting them outside on sunny days, but for now I think they still need some warmth.

Ixworth baby chicksextended living quartersN.B. the black hen (cockerel?) is not an Ixworth it is a hybrid blue egg-layer. I think the other three white ones are Ixworths though. The first batch of eggs I hatched were a mixture of Ixworths and blue egg layers.

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