The kittens are gorgeous balls of fur. It is really hard to take pictures of them as our house is dark and they are fast moving. I keep hoping I will get some better shots, but time is passing, so here are some rubbish photos from my phone while I practice taking better ones with the complicated camera! Did I mention they are called Luther and Lilavati? Luther is a tabby so is a revolutionary. Lilavati is a tabby but shot through with ginger so she has to be a revolutionary and a scientist. I also didn’t want to be Eurocentric in my choice of scientist and revolutionaries so coming up with Lilavati was quite tricky and required Mr Google. Lilavati was apparently an accomplished 12th century South Asian mathematician – see here but also (separately) a 12th-13th century Sri Lankan Queen who ruled in her own right – see here. Now is the Luther you are thinking of the same as the one I am thinking of?



9 responses to “Kittens

  1. ok, now stop it with the darling kitten pics. Making me want to go get some for our house and I definitely don’t need something else to take care of at the moment. But ooh they are gorgeous little creatures.

  2. I think the cats are the least productive members of our smallholding. They catch mice, but really need to focus on keeping the rats away. Mainly they lie about, snacking and looking disdainfully at us!

    • They will still be really cute when you get here. Kainaat thinks they are wonderful and wants to be their friend. Daisy Dog has added them to her long list of cats she has to keep an eye on in case they decide to take over the world. She is very vigilant is watching them. Really looking forward to seeing you next summer xx

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