Home-made Pancetta

pancettaThe pancetta sat in its cure for about a week. See here for details on the cure that I used. I then took it out, washed and dried it before sprinkling black pepper on it.

washed, dried adn peppered pancetta

I then rolled it. I didn’t have any butchers twine so I borrowed some jute from Anne. I then managed to tie the rolled pancetta with a semblance of butchers’ knots. I wrapped it in fabric and hung it in the shed.

rolled pancetta

After maggot-gate I took it down, wiped it with vinegar and made sure there were no fly eggs on it – there were some on  the fabric. I retied it using butchers string that Kerry kindly got me. I then left it in the fridge  until I got this……

pancetta hanging

A gamesafe. Hopefully this will keep my curing meats maggot-free. The pancetta should be ready for cooking with in another 1-2 weeks. If kept longer it can be eaten raw I think. I also got one of these, a bigger version of the gamesafe – this is for hanging my prosciutto in – more on that later …..


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