Faggots and Caul

faggots and cabbage2

I was very tired the day I sorted out the offally bits from the last pig we had killed. I thought the bag was just full of lungs, trachea, skin and other bits and pieces so I put it aside for the dogs – they eat a raw food diet (basically they eat pig bones at this time of year – around Christmas they will be eating turkey heads – we don’t waste stuff here). Anyway when getting their dinner ready I realised the bag also had the caul fat in – thank goodness I noticed this. I whipped it out and decided to make faggots for dinner. Stupidly I didn’t realise the heart was also in there (duh duh duh to me) – I later found it and stashed it somewhere safe to roast later and have as salad with chips. Basically I mainly like the offal and fatty bits of pigs which is handy as we can then sell all the other bits to people.

caul fat

Anyway, as I hadn’t noticed the heart, and the liver was frozen I had to adapt the traditional recipes for faggots which tend to use a lot of offal and not much minced pork. Next time I will make it with heart as this will be much better.

Surprise faggots: caul fat – as much as you have; pork kidney, minced pork, streaky bacon (I used our homecured stuff – smug little me!), breadcrumbs, chopped fresh sage, little bit of ground allspice and ground mace.

faggots ready to cook

Chop it all up in a food processor (not the caul fat – keep that separate) and mix it all together in a bowl. Shape into balls and wrap in caul fat. Pop in an oven-proof dish and cook for 50-60 minutes at 180C.

cooked faggots2

I first served them with mashed potato, cabbage and onion gravy. Then later in the week I served them with home-made tomato sauce and spaghetti.

faggots and spaghetti2

Caul fat by itself would make me keep pigs, but the fact that they have trotters as well means we will probably always have pigs!

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