The Jacob Ram has arrived

Ram and ewes2

On Monday evening we went to collect a Jacob ram that we are borrowing from a friend. He is a handsome fellow and was apparently very successful last year so we have high hopes for some cute Jacob lambs in the spring. The ewes seem very taken with him.


His chest has been smeared with a mixture of vegetable oil and red dye so we can judge the dates he mates with the various ewes and have an idea when the lambs might arrive. We are roughly expecting them towards the end of April, so they should be here and super-cute in time for the May bank holidays in case you want to come and visit the site and smallholding.


He was very busy on the first night as the next morning I noticed that the brown Jacob ewe with the white bobtail now has a reddish bobtail!

Evidence of tupping

Hopefully he will show an interest in the others as well  – the signs are encouraging …

Ram and ewesA new adventure is just around the corner …..

4 responses to “The Jacob Ram has arrived

  1. Your red-tailed ewe is looking rather ‘sheepish’ after being caught out by her nocturnal shinannigins! (Sorry!)

  2. Now you will be a sheep midwife too? Or will James be in charge of that role? Have you ever had live births on the farm, from mammals that is? You should call Uncle Bill in Iowa and discuss tricks and secrets! He says they love to birth in the middle of the night, usually in a storm and right as you have huge deadline at work and are NOT ready for babies….

    • I guess I will be, but I am really hoping that the sheep will be mainly OK by themselves. We got jacobs as they are meant to be easy to lamb. I will definitely call Bill as we need all the help we can get. Luckily Andrew who lent us the ram will be around to help as well. The main worry is if they have triplets and then we have to feed one of the lambs every few hours!

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