Daisy Dog working the new Jacobs

new JacobsOn Wednesday late afternoon/early evening we went to collect for more Jacob ewes.The lady we got them from was fantastic. She has been a shepherd for 30 years and had so much knowledge and information that she shared freely. We watched as she tagged their ears and trimmed their hooves. She gave me lots of advice about handling them and building sheep shelters – very useful as we are about to start building one of ours.

New ewes2She also kindly said I could go and help her with lambing in the spring so I could learn on the job so to speak before our lambs come. The whole lambing adventure is both exciting and terrifying, but doing it is the only way to learn.

They are rather beautiful girls – I hope they will be happy here.

new sheep4

They were born this May so we won’t be tupping them this year – instead I will continue training the dogs to work them. Here is Daisy doing a bit of work.

Daisy and sheepDaisy and sheep2

They are more amenable to being worked by dogs than the Suffolks were so there is hope for us. Daisy was able to hold them, move them off the fence and also to move them towards me a little (this is a big step for her and the evil drakes and Suffolks dented her confidence). We will keep practicing until she can easily get them into a corral and then Kainaat can start practicing his directions again.

Daisy and sheep3Daisy workingmoving sheep2moving the sheep

I will have to train them to come to the bucket as well I think until the dogs (and me) get good enough with the whole sheepdog work.

Daisy wanting another go

Daisy wanting another go

The other four ewes and ram looked on with interest

Ram and old ewes

6 responses to “Daisy Dog working the new Jacobs

  1. Looking good, ever hopeful for some Alpaca fleece and maybe some Jacob fleece to spin next year, and very willing to pay p&p too Good luck for their future. Sheena

    • Thank you. We are going to make a big effort this winter to get better at the whole sheep herding thing. Especially important as Daisy Dog has now retired from working dog trials so will need another job to do. xx

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