Lingonberries from Sweden

LingonberriesWhen my sister and her family came over from Sweden in the summer they brought me an amazing present – lingonberry preserve. The lingonberries were picked in the forest by the parents in law of her friend Fredrik – thank you!

I have been carefully hording it and eating it sparingly as it is so delicious. I have had it for lunch with omlettes and frittatas

frittata and lingonberry compotegreenbean omletteIt would be nice to try with meatballs and also good to add to stew, but I like eating it by itself best!

My sister kindly gave me her recipe for it – be careful it is very complicated …..

Take some lingonberries (this is easier if you live in Sweden) and add some sugar (about half the weight of the berries). Maybe add a tiny bit of water and then cook like jam, gently until the sugar has dissolved and then hotter. Scoop off any scum and put in a jar. I wonder if we can grow lingonberries over here?

N.B. Hello Alison, Felix, Anaia, Zoe and Luca – hope you will come again soon and not just because you bring lovely lingonberry compote


ake some lingonberries and add some sugar (about half of the weight of berries in sugar) and no or a little water and cook like jam – slow then a bit hotter, take away scum

3 responses to “Lingonberries from Sweden

  1. That jam looks awesome and I’ve fallen in love with your niece’s name ‘Anaia’ I will have to steal it if I ever had a third daughter :). Was lovely looking around your space, love an enterprise like yours. X

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. Our smallholding (and campsite) is a work in progress, but it is fun trying things out and seeing what works – we are constantly learning. I wish I could take photographs as well as you do – you have a lovely eye for detail.

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