Frosty morning and a naughty sheep

frosty morning

We have had some frosty mornings here this week and some gorgeous sunrises

frosty sunriseI went out early to de-ice the animals’ water and found that one of the sheep had some how got into the alpaca field. There was no sign of her breaking through the hurdles, so had she jumped the fence?

One naughty sheepnaughty sheep2

She was all by herself on the other side of the fence, but with Daisy’s help I managed to get her back to her friends.

DaisyDog and sheepThe sheep get all frosty at night

frostyJacobThe roofing for our second shelter should be here soon so if they want, they will have the option of being undercover.

The alpacas don’t seem to mind the cold mornings though


4 responses to “Frosty morning and a naughty sheep

  1. Oh I love frosty mornings! Sometimes I drive home from a night shift the “scenic” route just because it’s so lovely. The light is beautiful as the sun rises.

    Happy New Year to you by the way!! Hope it’s a good one xx

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